- The Polychromatic Edition

I wanted to share the fun that you can have creating a miniature. For Chapter II. - The Walker and The Crows I invited Martin Peterson to work with me on a colour scheme. He then went off and came back with an amazingly painted variant which you can acquire.

- The BiChromatic Edition

A very small edition of an assembled and painted variant. I started this bichromatic colourscheme of blue and ocre while working on my Risk Europa Editio Luxuriae. What looks like a blue under light on the photos is paint and I think it works great.

- The Grey Edition

This is a classic limited edition - a model kit, a physical object. Printed in high quality photo polymer resin, durable and with great detail.

- The Connaiseur STL Edition

A single-user license for an unique STL File*. I was playing around with different ideas how to deal with the advantages and difficulties of making a digital file available. In the end I decided for a traditional approach, creating a limited edition of digitally signed and numbered STL files that are unique for each collector.

* The STL fileformat is what you need to 3d Print a digital sculpture.