I studied Conservation of Paintings at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria and at the Institut National du Patrimoine, Paris.
During my studies I worked on restorations ranging from easel paintings of old European masters, modern and contemporary art to 12th century wall paintings in Nako, Himachal Pradesh, India.

I am a long time fan of toy soldiers, I started sculpting miniatures from epoxy and pvc putties in parallel to my studies.

Shortly after graduation in 2010, I had a small exhibition of freelance work in Vienna and moved to Nottingham, UK.
There I joined the miniature design team at Games Workshop as a Forge World Model Designer, working on a multitude of high-end collectible miniatures for Warhammer and Warhammer 40 000.
I love to explore and learn new things. For example, I was lucky enough to attend a masterclass on anatomy, portraiture and facial anatomy by Scott Eaton in London which I highly recommend. To keep learning, I was hosting a weekly écorché and anatomy study meeting with Games Workshop designers and illustrators.

In 2013, I dove into the digital world and took a course from Paul Gaboury of Pixologic to get a solid foundation in Zbrush.
Shortly after, I took a sabbatical from my job at Games Workshop to go back to Vienna to improve my skills in digital modeling. This was also the starting point for the realization of one of my childhood dreams, to develop an entirely new line for Warhammer. Initially a personal project, it would later become the Solar Auxilia, where I was responsible for the design, 3D modeling and engineering of the rapid prototype of the range.

In 2015, I felt the urge to start a new chapter and went out on my own. I moved to Paris and have been enjoying the ups and downs of being an independent artist ever since. I have my studio in the Sainte-Marthe district in the Xth arrondissement and I'm planning an open day at some point.